Seal widely used
  • The author:haiyaseal
  • Time:2017-09-07 10:55

Cargo into container and properly close the box door, equipment similar to lock applied by a particular person. The seal according to the applied personnel can be divided into different customs seals, the seals and commercial seal. Lead a properly locked, unless the violence (namely cut) is not open, after the destruction of the seal can not be re used. Each seal has unique identification number. As long as the container appearance complete, the container door is properly closed, sealing the normal lock, can prove that the container in transit to Kaifeng without the condition, by packing supervision before packing charge. This is described in the sealed container.

In addition the seal can be used on a water meter, gas meter, meter, oil, oil tank, pump, valve, fire extinguishers, meters, gas table; the seal effect is very extensive, like plays an important role in the power sector. Can be used to power a padlock, metering box etc..