Product Name : Plastic seals- P21

  • Model NO : P21
    • Product Description :

    Cash and courier Bags, Food & Beverage carts, Fire extinguisher pins, ATM Cassettes, Ballot boxes, Storage totes, Suitcases and Luggage, Healthcare boxes, Airline cargo, Travelling bags, Accessories, Laptop bags
    Industries: Airline, Express, Chemicals, Banking, Government, Fire service, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Fishery, Retail, E-commerce


    1. Indicative seals.
    2. Material: PA plastic
    3. Made of 100% plastic for easy recycling
    4.Pull the end to adjust to your liking.
    5. Tensile strength: 8kgs.


    Customer name, logo, unique sequential numbered.


    Yellow, white, green, blue, orange, red (optional).


    Standard Packaging: 10000pcs/carton
    Carton Specifications: 48×40×36cm
    Weight:11 kg

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