Product Name : Plastic seals – P20A

  • Model NO : P20A
    • Product Description :

    Cars, Trucks, Cash and courier Bags, Food & Beverage carts, Fire extinguisher pins, ATM Cassettes, Ballot boxes, Storage totes, Storage Cabinets, Suitcases and Luggage, Healthcare boxes, Airline cargo, Travelling bags, Accessories, Laptop bags
    Industries: Airline, Express, Chemicals, Banking, Government, Fire service, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Fishery, Retail, E-commerce
    1. Indicative seals.
    2. Material: PP plastic
    3. Made of 100% plastic for easy recycling
    4. Tensile strength: 30kgs.
    5.Loop the plastic strap through the item to be sealed.
    6. Insert the strap into the lock chamber until it clicks.
    Customer name, logo, unique sequential numbered, bar coded
    Yellow, white, green, blue, orange, red (optional).
    Standard Packaging: 5000pcs/carton
    Carton Specifications: 48×40×36cm
    Weight:14 kg

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