Product Name : Padlock seals – PAD5

  • Model NO : PAD5
    • Product Description :
    A variety of standard containers, vans, doors, postal services, courier services, bags and so on.
    1. Indicative seals.
    2. Material: polypropylene.
    3. Pure-plastic products, which can be conducive to recycling after using.
    4. Lock-body size: 48 mm (length) x 40 mm (width) x 6mm.
    Printing area size:25mm (length) X 15mm (width)
    5. Self-locking fixed type, which is easy to install.
    6. Easy open structure, which can be removed without any tools
    after locking.
    7. Tensile strength: ≧5kgf.
    8. Relative to the same type in the current market seals, which
    has better print-areas.
    Company logo and/or name, serial number, bar code available.
    Yellow, white, green, blue, orange, red (optional).
    Packaging:Carton Dimensions 55X40X36cm
    Weight 12.5 kg
    Quantity 10000 Pcs

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