Product Name : Metal Strap Seals – S3

  • Model NO : S3
    • Product Description :

    Trailers and Trucks, Railway Wagons, Rail-trains, Vans, Cash and Courier bags, Food & Beverage carts, Fire extinguisher pins, ATM Cassettes, Ballot boxes, Storage totes, Suitcases and Luggage, Healthcare boxes
    Industries: Transportation, Power companies, Chemicals, Military, Bank, Government, Healthcare, Mining, Garments, Fire service, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Retail, E-commerce
    1. Indicative seals.
    2.Material: tinplate (Stainless steel can also be).
    3.Self-locking fixed type, easy to install.
    4.The average-traction force is about 890 N.
    5.Made of 100% metal easy to recycle
    Company logo and/or name, serial number, letters and digital height: max 5.5mm
    Standard packaging: 1000 PCS/CTN
    Carton size: 34cm X 32cm X 15.5cm

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